About Me

I love how an untouched block of clay has the potential to become almost anything you desire in your hands!
Ceramic Artist Unique handmade ceramics and pottery About me mobile intro image with text Good Karma Clay
Ceramic Artist About me desktop intro image with text Good Karma Clay

I have always been a creative person and tried my hand at many different crafts over time. However, upon picking up my first block of clay I was transfixed, and my love for ceramics continues to grow.

My style is realism, without a doubt. If it doesn’t have enough detail to look authentic then I don’t feel I have created a piece with enough passion. I love to make functional objects with a twist. Items people can admire in their home or wear and still be a decorative part of every day life.

Ceramic artist About me Paint palette image Good Karma Clay
Ceramic artist About me Paint palette image Good Karma Clay

I’m largely inspired by three main factors:

  • My love of yoga and the positive energy surrounding the practice. I channel the feelings of well-being and calm that arise whilst meditating and practising yoga and replicate them using a variety of glazes in a painterly style on my pieces.
  • The forms and textures of nature, specifically British woodlands. Having lived at the foot of the Chiltern Hills for most of my life, I am greatly inspired by the landscape and countryside hedgerows. Since a child I have walked in the woods and could often be found laying amongst the leaves on the woodland floor staring at ferns, mushrooms and mosses. I try to replicate the beauty of trees and living woodlands in my pieces.
  • The wonders of the ocean. The shapes and patterns created by the ocean have been a constant source of inspiration. I am in awe of the beauty of the sea and the many faces it presents. Specifically, I love to sculpt octopuses. They are just such magical and intelligent creatures and a great inspiration to me, a reflection of the mystery and secrets that lie beneath the waves.